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Maca extract 63 mg, Russian root extract 63 mg, choline 82.5 mg, Q10 10mg.
Without caffeine and taurine. Serve well chilled.
Completely unique recipe

About Foci – Intelligent Energizer

An intelligent, smarter and tastier alternative to energy drinks that also have no negative effects. That’s what the founders of Foci wanted to do.

That gap is in the beverage market today and it’s time to do something about it. So why not create a drink from scratch that boosts your mental/physical performance without caffeine and sugar.

Together with the world’s best experts in beverage and metabolism, we have developed a new type of energy drink.In terms of content, with studies, we have developed a completely unique recipe with the absolute best combination of ingredients.

The content of Foci intelligent energizer provides increased focus and energy without using caffeine.

Foci - Intelligent Energizer

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